What is Happening to these Kids!??

OKAY. I've had it. I am currently sitting in bed watching TV.. this very rarely happens but I just decided to see what was on... While I was channel surfing I found the most unnerving TV show ever made.

"Little Miss Perfect" on WE tv. Lord please help these poor children.

Point of show: A Nine Year Old girl from Florida has conquered her local pageant scene decides to move to NATIONAL Competition. Excuse my french but WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PARENTS!!!!!!!!

I have so many different ideas running through my head I can't get them out.

Pageant-A beauty contest, or beauty pageant, competition based mainly, though not always entirely, on the physical beauty of its contestants, and often incorporating personality, talent demonstration, and question responses as judged criteria. ...

SO basically these little girls under the age of 10 are being judged by their looks. They wear make up, they have teased hair, plucked eyebrows, they are shaking their butts on stage, they are parading around in bikinis...they look way too old for their age. They are losing their childhood. They are being judged by EVERYTHING they do. How they talk, how they look, how they walk. They are being told that they HAVE to look a certain to be accepted. There is nothing okay about this show and what makes it worse it this isn't the only show like this!

TLC also has a beauty pageant for toddlers. "Toddlers and Tiaras".

What is happening to these kids?
1. they are losing their childhood by being forced to be grown up
2. they are losing the ability to be okay with the way they look:with all the make up and clothes and judging they are growing up in a world where being them isn't really okay.
3. they are being compared to others girls: girls already have issues with other girls with out being compared to them by their mothers and judges.

I am totally upset by this. I just can't believe that this is what has become of childhood. I didn't even know what make-up was when I was 10! My heart breaks for these poor girls.

What do you think??? Am I crazy!?

Peace and Love

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