I know you think I'm dirty
I am sure you think I'm useless
But what I see is different.
I see everyones eyes as they avoid mine.
Distracted and scared, and definitely not kind.
When you notice me it's always in disgust.
You don't know that I never chose this life.
You don't know that I once wasn't lost and alone.
I use to have a family and a home.
Look at you,compassionless.
No love for the rest.
You aren't better off than me.
I may be here right now but one day I'll be free.
I am not an empty body begging for drug money.
I am not really the dirt I know you think of me.
I am not invisible and
I am more than this street.
I am me.
Poem and Photo by me
Pieces of my trip to El Salvador and Guatemala

Peace and Love,


Angelica Katherine said...

cord, this photo..and the poem? so great. i really love it.

..did you ask to take this shot or did you just do it?

something simple said...

I asked, IN SPANISH! Go me haha. It's 10 Quetzal, which is the Guatemalan currency, to photograph anyone there. The way I looked at it is, not only am I helping a person in need of money I am also getting a picture! My next trip I am only taking money to give in exchange for photos.

Oh, and 10 Quetzal is about 1 american dollar

Angelica Katherine said...

weird! you have to pay to take a picture...? i need to go there and make some monies.

p.s.-yes. go you for asking in spanish : ) you bilinguist you.