Summer is Here!  (and obviously it has been)

With summer comes freedom.
comes pictures!
comes wonderful snacks and drinks.
comes beauty all around.

Today I am feeling inspired by the rain, by the sun, by the quaintness of my little town.  I've always complained of the lameness of Fort Wayne, nothing special here except my family.  Family should be enough to keep one happy but family and places should also be accompanied by beauty.  Today I have been surrounded by it.  Of course my new Instax camera is making that even more possible.  Today I visited the new tea house here.  Its inside an old fire station and has the first bubble tea in the town!  I went to the new farmers market and saw many artsy happy people.  I am writing and art journaling to the sound of thunder and the amazingness of lightning.  This day is pretty much perfect.  I will probably not stay here forever,  I would like to see other places, but as for now... home sweet home.

Happy Sunday!


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