Now That's What I Call...

A Great Birthday!

September 1st was my birthday, and in my world birthdays last for the entire weekend.  You may think I am crazy but no sense in arguing this one because my birthday did last all 5 days :)

I spent my birthday day relaxing, shopping and eating yummy food.  I spent the beginning of the weekend at a wedding with my boyfriend.  And the end of the weekend with friends, listening to amazing live 20's  music, doing yoga and cooking delicious food.  As time goes on and I continue to get older I really notice myself appreciating the small things in life.  I know I've said it before but I really do love little things like clouds and sunshine. 

The entire birthday weekend was lovely my most exciting surprise (excluding the love because that was wonderful!) was the purchase of my iPhone! What a great way to start the beginning of my favorite season.

I hope the beginning of September was just as lovely for you :)

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