Positive Thought #10

You know those janitors who are in the movies?  The ones with the key rings full of keys, so many keys it would be impossible to know which goes where?  A key ring so full of keys that none of the keys have a home.  Or think of those keys in your house that use to have a purpose but now you don't know what they go to.  We have a lot of those here.  Keys that seem useless.  Poor keys, it's not their fault we neglected to remember where their home was.


My Positive Thought #10 

Might seem a little strange, keys.  How are keys positive.  Everyone is looking for the key, the key to love, to wealth, to health, to flawless skin, to a beautiful body, the key to a home, or to someone else's heart, or maybe to their own heart.  Everyone is looking for the Key to happiness.

Today My Key to happiness is simple.  One lamp, Bombay Bicycle Club (thank you brother), Yoga, Beeswax candle and my studies.  Though I am not a huge fan of studying I am a huge fan of crossing of my TO DO lists.  This homework is number one on that list.  Im slowly crossing it off.  

For today, just this chilly fall day, I found the key to happiness.  Simplicity.  How beautiful is simplicity.  Even the work is beautiful.

My hope for you today is that you find your Key.  I know there are a lot and you probably forgot what they all go to but If you try you can find the right key for today.

Happy Key Finding.


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