A few months ago I started writing out  Positive Thoughts and posting them on my blog in hopes to help myself start focusing on what really matters and on being a more uplifting, positive person.

I made it through my 10th Positive Thought and finally started to see how being positive about things has changed my life.  It may sound weird or almost pretend to say that being able to find something lovely every day, even when things aren't lovely, is my key to happiness.

I guess I see being positive a little bit like working out.  We all do it, start something that makes us feel tremendously wonderful and then fall out of sync with it regretfully.  For me it was eating right and doing yoga.  I would do it every day with out fail and continue to carry this feeling of accomplishment through out my day.  That feeling inspired me to be positive and I loved it.  It became such a big part in my life that I could see a difference.  I would feel terrible if I neglected to do yoga before work or bed. However, like a sly fox, sleep (or lack of) got the better of me.  I started to only do yoga once a day, then once a week, now rarely.  Thinking positively is excise for your brain.  It is a constant redirecting of my negative thoughts into positive thoughts and since thinking negatively (aka: worry, stress, doubt, hate, anger...) comes so much more easily than positively, it's a big work out.  

The difference between working out and thinking positive is that, though it takes constant reminder to steer my thoughts from cluttered negative thoughts to simply positive thoughts, is that I AM NOT GIVING UP!  (I'm not giving up on yoga either, just need to get back in the swing of it).  Think of a smell or sound or terrible feeling that gives you the heeby geebies (is that even a real word?)  I think It's so cool that now when I hear negative things come out of my mouth I get the heeby geebies!  My brain is realizing how great of a feeling being positive is and it likes it!

So for now I am done posting my Positive Thoughts.  I hope you found some positive in your life, but if not, GO! Life is short don't waste it on negative.
Go, Smile. 

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