A little thought towards my main vision. 

I titled my blog "Being a Lady" because I...well I am a girl. There are many characteristics of ladies from the past that I admire and I started thinking one day "what does it mean to be a lady?"  I had always heard my mother telling me "That's not very lady like" but it was more for just surface behaviors.  Example: burping is not lady like, along with other bodily functions that ought not be performed in front on an audience.  Those kinds of things became very obvious as I got older but I knew there had to be more.  I wanted to gather a handful (ok lets face it, more than a handful) of ideas that make a lady.  Since then what I have found is that being a lady requires more than perfect posture and good manners.  Being a lady means every aspect of you is refined.  It doesn't mean you can't argue your opinion, it means you must argue with grace and poise(know when to wave the peace flag).  It doesn't mean you can't wear close that fit tightly, it means if you wear them you must accompany them with poise (meaning you don't flaunt them). It doesn't mean you must be friends with everyone, it mean you must treat everyone with respect and compassion(yes, even your enemy).  

Being a lady is a mixture of thoughts, actions, and spoken words. 

This next year I am really going to focus on what it takes to be a lady.  I want to carry peace, joy, love, compassion, grace and a million other things with me when I meet new people.  I want to be a better listener and focus on my intent of doing things.  As things happen and lady like pearls of wisdom come into my life I will share them and if you have ideas you should share them too.  It takes a lot of work to become the people we want to be but it surly is an adventure. 



Jazzie said...

Hey girl!
First off.. I love this post!
I have awarded you with a blog award on my blog. Check it out:).
xo, Jazzie

JD said...

Nice post! Well written! Cheers to your endeavor!

Emily Claire said...

so proud of your HUGE heart friend! You really need to write a book :-)

Miss you and hope hope hope to see you soon.

Bee said...

love it. have you read the book classy by derek blasberg? its all about being a lady. ive read it twice.