in honor of the new year, i started to reflect on all the wonderful thing that happened to me in 2012.                      

each year i do a little project for my birthday, birthday goals.  so because of that i don't ever make a list of new year resolutions.  i like to commit myself to my birthday goals and go from there.  this year i made yet another list of 24 things to do before i turn 25, last year i make a 23 thing to do before i turn 24.  one of my favorite parts of 2012 was completing my entire list and i am sure i will do it again in 2013! 

as for 2012? i am so grateful for you. you taught me how to be independent, how to love more deeply, how to take ownership of my actions, how to be more understanding of others and their needs, how to set boundaries and how to bake a pie! i am so grateful for my family, i love learning from their strength. i have never been so full of excitement for a new year but i just know 2013 will be a brilliantly wonderful year. 


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