every week i am blessed by fascinating people who come into the coffee shop for treats (oh ya, i work at a coffee shop). one of my favorite parts of my job is learning about our customers, what drinks they like, how many shots of espresso, hot or cold, if they will want a treat, what kinds of coffee flavors they like and all sorts of other details. i love the reaction we get from people when we know what they want before they manage to tell us. it is special because i think we all love to know that people are listening, even when it's only about coffee.

lately i have had a few conversations with people about how much they love coming into the shop. my only thought about that is "i hope people love coming into the shop because its full of people who want to be there. if we love what we do, what we do should radiate with love, and who doesn't want to be in a place full of loving people." i was thinking about that today, what does it look like to wake up every day and dread going to work? why would you even want to do that? is making more money and hating what you do better than making less money but loving what you do? who knows. everyone is different and everyone can decide for themselves. for me though, i wouldn't change my job for another. waking up happy to see the people i work with and the customers i serve is such a blessing for me. being able to put a smile on someones face just by handing them a small cup of caffeine is so...neat...yes neat, there isn't a better way to describe that. there are days when i'd kill to be a customer at our shop, i love the community, the light tapping of computer keys, the aroma of fresh ground beans and the small quiet whispers of stories coming from the cozy couches. to me those little details are worth way more than anyone could offer me. thank you strangers and familiar faces that i see at work, you inspire me, you encourage me, and you make me want to inspire and encourage others. 

-coffee lover-

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Brittany Neeley said...


Thank you for this! It was beautiful and very true. I miss my days working at my coffee shop and I used to ask those very same questions. Everything about being there was perfect. My coworkers, the customers, the freedom of creativity. I miss it. You brought a wonderful perspective to this as well.
I hope you don't mind but I reference you in my latest blog post. This post really took me back and inspired/ triggered my emotion behind what I wrote about.
Thanks for your words and I look forward to reading more!