Q U O T E #4

i read a quote today: 

we live in a world where we are taught to dream big, never give up and that we can have everything we want in we try hard enough. somewhere along the line i think the meaning of the beautiful message of dreaming big was lost or translated wrong or who knows what the heck happened, but all of a sudden dreaming big means having the next best thing. being better than the person to your right. taking crazy risks. spending more money. having more money. being seen. being known. basically having bragging rights to everything and using them always. 

the lady i want to be isn't the lady who has to keep up with the Joneses-or Kardashians (even if i watch that show shamelessly). i want to be the lady who is superior to her former self. at any moment you can lose everything that gives you bragging rights. you can lose your family, job, friends, watches, cars, money, home, EVERYTHING. when it's all gone, and you have nothing to prove that you were once "superior" will you be happy with the person you are left with? yourself. will you think you gave as much as you could, loved as hard as you could, laughed as loud as you could and grew into the person you dreamed you would be? if so then i am doing it wrong because i am not keeping up with the Joneses as much as the next guy. 

i am working on myself. always choosing to look at life with a positive outlook. always choosing a smile over an eye roll. always choosing a laugh over a frustrated grunt. i am learning to put others first but care for myself too. i am learning to take life less seriously. i am learning to be balanced. i am not perfect. i keep buying expensive yoga clothes because somehow they make my yoga better. i keep thinking new things in my apartment will make it more cozy. i am only human, i mean like to shop. but working on me means i get to be ok with the fact that i don't have to be superior to the dude to my right. i can be happy with what i have and know that if i no longer have the "stuff" i will still be happy with what is left, myself. 

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