A New Pearl

I haven't written in awhile.. school.

Today I am stuck on a topic that is very dear to me.

Audrey Hepburn.
She is beautiful
She is lovely
She is kind
She is wonderful

How do we as women do this too? The charm of a woman is to leave people in awe. I have a friend who is wonderful at this...
She never puts herself before her friends. She is so kind, and a light for all to see. She is not only beautiful outside but also inside. How does she do this? She just does!

How to do this?
-Ask people about their day and actually care
-Ask people about their interests and actually care
-Smile at people you don't know
-Stop thinking you are the only one on the planet. (you aren't)
-Respect others
-Don't take offense to everything
-Stand strong in you're beliefs but don't put others down when talking about them
-(this list will keep growing.)

I SUCK at doing these but i am working.. i am trying to improve because seeing my dear friend be good at them has inspired me to improve.

And isn't that part of learning and refining the edges in our lives? Seeing a problem and fixing it? Well here I go... wish me luck :)

Peace and Love


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Wild Wild West Drive said...

Bless your heart! This is a lifelong process for some of us. But we cannot give up trying-letting our light shine out for the whole world.