Something I forgot

On the first day of summer break, when I was 15, two of my friends and I decided to walk to breakfast. Our excited walk was suddenly interrupted by a very unfortunate accident. I was hit by a car.

During my two months healing, learning to walk with out limping, and reconstructive surgery of my leg, I learned a very valuable lesson.


This is a lesson, I fear, that I forget often. It wasn't until last week that it hit me how important this lesson is. Last weekend I lost something that I care for very deeply. After spending three days hurt, lost, and confused I started to reflect on what could have done this to me.

I realized that only I am responsible for my actions. I realized that I sometimes have a princess complex and think everything should go MY way. Needless to say when it doesn't someone has hell to pay. My biggest downfall is trying to make everything too perfect, trying to change everything, trying make things my way.

The ability to be a true princess: During my weekend of reflection I watched Disney channel a lot. I watched Princess Protection Program...cheesy I know. But in the movie the princess say something that made me think. A princess's job is to help others, to love others, to care about others. Kindness is a princesses forte. My princess complex is nothing like kindness.

After realizing that my princess complex was bad news something else came into view. If the world were to end how would I feel with out this thing I love so much? The answer is, I would be devastated with out it. I realized that my fears of being losing made me lose. I realized that if I spend my time trying to fix problems that really aren't there and those that I could, in reality live with, then I am not really living.

the lesson is: Life is worth living...not getting mad about
If you dwell on what you fear you will bring it to life.

Always try and think positive, always try and live life to its fullest while being grateful for the little things God gives us.

Peace and Love


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