Christmas is the TIME

I should be studying for finals...
I haven't written in awhile, I guess I have just been "busy"
Here are the things I've been up too
1. crafts!
2. school work
3. boyfriend time
4. CHURCH! :)
5. music listening
6. automatic car starter
7. picture taking!

I have had a lot of fun lately just enjoying life and being me... one thing I think I've kinda forgotten is what I want to share today.
It is Christmas Season! A season of love and giving. However you interpret that. I see this time of year as a time when we should focus on other people not ourselves. Making people smile is something that we all have the power to do. So whether it is a card, phone call, txt, email, or literal smile share with the people around you. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to give to others and YOU can do it too. We don't need to spend tons of money on each to show how we feel, just simply spending time loving and listening to each other will do the job!

It's TIME to forget what I want and think about what YOU want. It's TIME to make my friends and family feel important, to make people I don't know feel noticed. It's Christmas TIME!

Peace and Love

Here is a little Christmas/Winter Cheer for you :)

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