What's Done, is Done.

I had the opportunity to take pictures of a friend of mine today. Of course we had to stop at the downtown Starbucks to refresh our tired bodies. While sitting on comfortable leather couches, surrounded by the smell of fresh coffee and the sounds of soft spoken voices, we were able to chat.

We talked about something that I don't want to forget...

I know this is not an easy task leaving the past in the past but it is one that is very important if you are to ever move on from any sort of tragedy. There comes a time when a problem is just too big to fix. I am not saying give up on people and problems but more... when you know its done there's nothing you can go back and fix.

example... once a game is lost you can't change the outcome of the score. You can't go back and fix the game tape or the plays... what is done, is done. The only thing you can truly do is learn from the lessons of losing.

In the same respect don't forget, how you treat others, what you say and do... can NEVER be taken back. I once said something hurtful to my mom when I was younger. She sent me to my room. When I came out to apologize she handed me a tube of tooth paste. (knowing full well my disdain for wasting products) She had me squeeze out some of the tooth paste on the counter. She then told me to put it back. Obviously I couldn't put back what I squeezed out. Over the years this has continued to show me our actions are permanent with permanent consequences. No matter how many sorry's you pull out...what's done is done.

Part of being a refined lady is knowing what will come out of your mouth before you actually say it. Filter your actions and words to avoid hurting people. Don't shy away from stating what you believe and think but also beware of the fact that what you say WILL affect someone.

I hope you (who ever YOU are) learned a little from this :)

Peace and Love



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