A New Kind of Day

Today I realized something...

I love being me.

I love everything about it... except for my flaws.. (which of course I would rather not dwell on at this moment)
I don't mean this in a self-obsessed freakish way... I simply mean


It's taken me a few weeks shy of 21 years to realize that being me is not a curse but a blessing. I am so blessed to have a family who understands my need for artistic expression. I am blessed to have a boyfriend who not only loves me but also loves my curly hair. It is crazy what a new camera can do for a girl. I've had the newest addition to my some-what big obsession, photography, for about 3 weeks now. In that time I've manged to create an (what I call brilliant) idea that one day.... I WILL BE A LEGIT PHOTOGRAPHER. I realize that this idea is somewhat far fetched but it's that little dream that keeps my creative juices flowing. With these juices flowing my brain's been thinking... I'm not that weird... I'm actually quite normal... Everyone is normal... and weird.


Try something... think of something you love... whether it be cooking, cleaning, shopping, picture taking, sporting... does it make you excited? GO DO IT! see how you feel afterwards...

I'll keep you posted on if I learn anything new about me and my camera... by the way his name is wink. the greatest canon 40d i've ever met... and i'm still learning about him.

peace and love


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Dolores said...

You can DO IT! You clearly have talent. We had a neighbor across the street in South Bend who operated her studio out of the spare bedroom in her house-really basic stuff. But she was so talented! And we watched her grow into a great studio space and now her studio handles the newborn photos for the hospital where James was born in addition to doing a great regular business. It can be done. And you can do it!