A Ray of Sunshine

It's Sunday. I love Sundays. I went to Church today and once again was blown away by the things I realized. Last night I was talking to a dear friend and we were talking about how it is so easy to identify ourselves by the stuff around us: job, car, clothes, make-up, friends, contacts, or possessions. I posted earlier about not letting what other people say or think about you change how you feel about yourself. The fact of the matter is believing what I write sometimes isn't so easy. During our conversation last night I started thinking and somehow my thoughts were answered today. I believe (although sometimes I forget) that NOTHING is mine. The cute things I buy or crafts I make won't go with me when I'm gone. I worry sometimes about all this stuff around me, like what to wear, or being on time, or having money. I am always thinking about lists of To-Do's and making everything perfect. I feel like I am always trying to control things to make sure they turn out A-Okay.

I realized All We'll Ever Have is Now.

The only thing in this world I can truly control is the very moment I am in. I can't touch the past and I can't change the future. All I can change is how I think, feel, and act...now.

When I am dead all the cuteness around me won't even matter because what really matters is what is in my heart, how I treat the people around me, and who I impact. Im not saying I am going to stop making cuteness I am just saying I should focus less on Me mine I stuff and more on "How is what I am doing going bring light to this World?" Some of you may or may not have the same beliefs as me but try and apply this to your beliefs anyways, I believe that everything is God's. And if that is what I believe I should stop and think "How would I treat this if it really belongs to Him." With that mind setting I feel convicted to say I don't treat the people in my life the way I would if I stopped to think that it is God's.

I am terrible at living in the moment but moment here I am. I can only have you for all I know in another moment I could no longer have any moments.

Maybe that doesn't seem like a Ray of Sunshine to you but for me I feel a little more free. I don't really need to worry and think about everything going on because I can't control it. I can strive to be the best version of myself and I can have dreams but I shouldn't WORRY about achieving them because All I have Is NOW.

Go live NOW. And be Thankful for all that you have.. because we are rich even if we don't feel like it.

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