Who measures me?

The other day I was observing people. Different groups of people, you know... like the ones in all the high school movies. The jocks, nerds, popular, band geeks, and blah blah blah. I was wondering what value they have for themselves. Do they truly like what they have to offer the World or do they just pretend that everything is peachy?

So much of the worth we give ourselves is the worth we think other people have for us. We rely on what people think about our relationships, our clothes, our jobs, and our things. It's funny to me how many times I get caught up (and catch myself) doing just that! Seeking for others approval of me so I know I am okay. Fact of that matter is: We DONT NEED ANYONE'S approval to be us. As long as we are living up to our full creative, loving, giving potential we are doing just fine.

It is lovely to be yourself and have someone compliment you on it. So much more lovely than being someone you aren't and getting complimented on it. We know we are being our true selves when we are happy to be awake in the morning. When we can inspire ourselves to create beauty. We want to give the World the fighting chance it deserves. Being true to yourself brings out a whole new side of excitement. I just LOVE being me and I hope you love being YOU!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it comes in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes and styles one to fit you perfectly.

P.S. Why hide who you are when who you are is beautiful.

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Angelica Katherine said...

sometimes i forget you have a nose ring. ...you're so cute.