Last weekend of freedom

School starts monday. Blah. I love school, I don't like my classes. Im tempted to take a creative writing class to cheer up during the week but I have no room in my schedule. So anyways Im spending my last weekend of freedom alone until tomorrow. Boyfriend went to his home to visit. I am instead cleaning, babysitting, working, blogging, and being cold in my room. Tomorrow I am going to organize my thoughts before class Monday.

The most fun I've had recently was going to Goshen and visiting my dear Angelica... Other than that I am reading a book and as soon as I gather all my inspirational thoughts I will post a very thought provoking post. I hope you are excited! Until then...
... Fair-Well


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Wild Wild West Drive said...

Good luck with school! I'm sorry none of your classes make you giddy with excitement. It should be a prerequisite that at least one per semester should.
Love the snow on the sunroof!