Music Monday

Good Evening Monday!  Today is cooler but still sunny.  Which is good because I really enjoy the sun.  I spent the weekend listening to some great tunes so I decided to share some with you!  Meet Josh Dadd.  Singer-Songwriter amazing piano player.  I met Josh two years ago while he was recording.  I had the pleasure of listening to a few songs in the making.  Since then his work has only improved greatly.  I love the honesty his songs have because they are real, his playing is uplifting and happy, Just like the sun.  No wonder Josh's music filled my ears all weekend.  Listen to his amazing tunes on his myspace HERE      


I'm Josh Dadd, from nasvhille, TN. I love music and everything about it. I've been playing piano for 15 years and singing for 8. I'm currently playing booking for summer shows and touring. I've written and recorded over 20 songs now and am writing new music all the time. My biggest inspiration is life. Life has so many opportunities and downfalls, but I choose to write about it all! :)

My favorite tune right now is Everytime We Touch, the piano playing is just perfect.  My second favorite is A King for You (its amazing to see how this song progressed from when I heard it being recorded) Listen HERE

Hope this music gives your week a jump start! 

xoxo Cordelia


Stephanie said...

Hey! Im steph! new reader, cute blog. and I love the music. He's pretty talented! My fav is "a King for you" :)

something simple said...

Welcome Just checked out your blog, adorable :)