Positive Thought # 2

Music that makes me feel.

Driving home from work today I was on shuffle on my ipod... believe me shuffle on my ipod is scary.  You go from Bach to Backstreet Boys to Bob Marley in 3 clicks.  I landed on Buena Vista Social Club and it just sounded fun so the entire drive home I danced in my car alone trying to pretend like I knew the words.  Check it out....

What is so positive about this?  Singing in your car!

Positive Thought #2... Not caring what outsiders think of you makes you feel strong.

Who cares what you sound like or if you know the words when you are driving alone.  Plus, when other people see you singing in your car it makes them smile, even if they are laughing at you!

It's a freeing feeling to be brave enough to not care what people think when they see you jamming out in your car.

I dare you... Be positive about yourself and sing out loud in your car!   ... if you already do that then try it with your windows down!

Peace and Love,


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