Positive Thought #3 & 4

Even on a gloomy day like today I am going to find positive.

Today's positive started the brilliant idea of Hot Chocolate!  Me and two other girls at work got a venti and split it into the kiddy cups from Starbucks.  Needless to say, it was the perfect amount of warmth and sweet!

Positive Thought #4 Once you find something you like treat yourself with it when you feel blah.  I love tiny-cute things aka small Starbucks cups, brightened up my morning big time!

Yesterday's positive thought (which I didn't post) (below: me on my way to photoshoot...with balloons:)

Positive Thought #3  Spending time with people who love each other.  I did an Engagement session with Jamie and Cam (post pictures after I edit) and it was such a blessing for me to spend time watching them smile at each other.  It really made me appreciate all the love I have in my life.  

SO, challenge... Next time your day feels gloomy spend time with happy upbeat people because happiness is contagious AND/OR get something special for yourself.... and cheap.

Peace and Love,


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