Positive Thought # 5



A few weeks ago I was watching Jeremy Camp perform at a music festival.  While he was up there with the attention of the entire audience I kept thinking how cool it would be if he told everyone there to be quiet and just listen to the World with out music and voices.  I realized I often find myself thinking that when I am watching someone on a stage.  I am always wondering what it would be like if they just said "now, everyone be quiet"  

I experienced this once, at a teen leadership conference for student council.  The speaker told everyone to be quiet then told us to snap, and after a while clap and after awhile stomp and while doing this close our eyes and listen.  It sounded like rain, it gave me goosebumps.

What's so positive about silence?  

I recently started working less at my normal arcade job and more shooting photos in a studio.  So basically I went from 8 hours of loud children, games, cars and toys to 9 hours in a completely silent studio.  Its amazing. 

Every day is filled with noise, cars, music, tv, fans, dogs, people, neighbors, bells.  People sleep with the tv on, sleep with fans on, drive with music on, cook with the tv on.  We can't live with out noise.  Why is that?  Are we scared of our thoughts?  

I am on a silence kick and I still find myself turning on my radio in my car because it's eery with out it.  

Positive Thought #5  
Silence isn't really awkward, it's not uncomfortable, it's not scary.  It's beautiful.  (I am not a huge lover of winter or snow but...)  Remember the nights that there was a huge snow storm and you walked outside to see if it was going to be bad enough to cancel school?  Remember walking outside and not even hearing cars drive on the street because the sound of falling snow over took the World?

That is beautiful.

Go ahead I dare you.  Spend a day with out noise filling the silence.  It's probably easiest to spend driving time in silence first then work your way up... that's what I am doing.

See what your mind can think of when you give it the space to think in peace.

Peace and Love, 

(I am in no way saying music, TV, cars, and noise are bad... because I LOVE music and TV!)

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