Positive Thought #6

What makes you feel good?

The past few days I have been noticing little things that make me feel uber happy.  There are so many little things that give me a self confidence boost, an inspirational boost, or just a plain boost.

My Positive Thought #6

Making lists of things that pick me up...

1. Getting a hair cut
2. Buying Boho Magazine AND really ridiculously cute things because they are on sale or really cheap
3. Serious amounts of girlfriend time (though i love boyfriend time too)
4. Doing something completely out of the ordinary (like catching a bat and getting it out of a house)
5. Changing negative worrying thought into positive thoughts (on my own!)
6. Making lists and completing them
7. New pictures. New music.
8. Coffee and healthy snacks
9. Yoga (my new guilty pleasure)
10. Adorable blogs (my fav. oncewed.com, abeautifulmess.typepad.com and many many many more)

These things and so many more make every day special to me.  I think because of the typical grind of every day life we all forget how to unwind and reset ourselves before the next day.  I bet if you make a list of things that give you a boost and DO IT you will find pure joy.

Do it, I dare you.  Figure out what little things make you feel positive.

p.s. i heard that 99% of what we worry about doesn't actually come true! woah! so quit worrying and what better way to do so than figuring out what makes you feel positive!



Wild Wild West Drive said...

You had a bat!?!?!? PJ will really want to hear this story. Bats are good omens. Are you doing yoga at home or taking a class? Ava wants you to babysit-I fear you have so much going on I hesitate to ask. Keep on trucking Cord!

carlotta said...

great post! a wonderful reminder to focus on the positive things :)

hmm...some good things that happened to me recently. getting two pairs of jeans that actually fit me (a very big deal ;)), spending time with my siblings, and being able to sleep in everyday ;)