4 Simple Goals

Elsie Flannigan
the creator of this idea, inspires me every day to be joyful and create beauty.  That is why I am writing up 4 Simple Goals.  I am slowly crossing off my new years list from 2010 so these will be done by 2011!

  1. Send joy cards to people (after I set up beautiful craft space!)  
  2. Take vitamins every day and do yoga 5 times a week 
  3. Do things that scare me (standing up and playing charades) push push push myself to not always feel scared.
  4. Write “Positive Posts” 
These things will inspire me and push me to become the lady I want to become.  Hopefully putting it all out there will help remind me to do them :)

Here goes nothin! 

P.S. for guidelines and a place to link your blog check out her blog by clicking the title of mine :)


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Angelica Katherine said...

ha. i like number three :)