Positive Thought # 7


You can't deny it, food is always on you mind.  I won't deny it, food is just my favorite.  I love to eat it and I am going to love cooking and baking it! 

How can food be a positive thought?  It can be if I make it!  I am going to look through all the yummy food blogs I drool over and write down recipes to start using.  (Mostly healthy ones)  Along with that I am also going to print out pictures of each food because lets face it, it's the pictures, not words, that make us really crave the taste.

Food for thought?  
I dare you to find one recipe that you have drooled over and cook it for yourself.  

Positive Thought #7    Doing things that we have always wished to do make us feel like we accomplished something big.  This gives our self confidence a boost and our bellies will be happy!

I want to make lavender cookies and lavender honey ice cream, zucchini cupcakes, ooo and banana pound cake! Man, it's a good thing I have been doing yoga!

                                       (above pictures from redvelvetgirls.typepad.com/emma)

I also want to start eating less dairy and less sugar...  (excluding that huge peanut butter ice cream mess I ate yesterday) and more veggies!

So, are you inspired to cook?  

(check out { www.yogaisyummy.net or redvelvetgirls.typepad.com/emma } for yummy food)


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