Positive Thought # 8


Today I love my hair. I love the crazy-fun-not at all normal- big-brown-uber curly mess that it is!
It's been straight for a 5 days now and that is not its natural state.  I washed it to today before class, after yoga, and it came out just so happy and curly.  It's so nice to have a little bit of me going on :)

Positive Thought #8 Loving YOU.

Why is it positive to love you?  Obviously because you are with you all day long!  

I love doing things that make me love me, like doing yoga and eating home-made cookies.  Like accomplishing my goals and drinking lots of water.  Or like re-arranging my room because I need something fresh in my life.  

I dare you do to something tonight that makes you love you.  Like maybe do that work out before bed, or say no to that extra helping of pasta.  Watch a movie and relax.  Do something that makes you you.


My girlfriend Angelica had me listen to this song... its fun... check it out :)

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