Mr. Mantis.

Once Upon A Time

I was in my room beautifully avoiding my studies by mindlessly scrolling through we heart it pictures when my mother called for me.  "Bring your camera!"  She told me that she had been sitting watching the pretty white moths fly in the lavender (her words not mine... I think moths are dusty and weird)  

She said one of the white moth's wings fell off.  So of course she went to see why and found this guy...

He was preying on the pretty white moths.  So naturally I snapped his picture and sat there for a bit waiting for him to grab another one.

Nothing happened.  The moths learned their lesson I suppose.  Just as I was about to leave a bee flew my way.  He landed on a flower and the praying mantis got really excited.

Yumm.  Dinner.

Thanks for reading my story about Mr. Mantis.  I hope you aren't too grossed out :)


P.s. check out my flickr or click on the pictures to see them bigger


Wild Wild West Drive said...

Holy COW Cord that last shot in particular is amazing!

Angelica Katherine said...

ha. i can't believe you kept up with this...
okay, actually i can. i can picture the whole thing: you sitting there, probably on your backside or belly getting super close to plants and everyone around you wondering what the heck you are taking pictures of, that up close with a freakin huge camera.
pretty awesome.