I'm going to jump right in.  Like when you jump in a cold pool and your body takes a minute to adjust, like when you take the first drink of hot coco and your insides warm as you swallow.  I guess I have been debating on writing this for a while... It's weird to share my complete raw opinions on a blog....

I am a teaching assistant in a Peace and Conflict Studies class.  I love it.  I loved it the first time I took it.  Problem is 4 semesters later I am confronted with the harsh fact that everything I learned as a student in the class I was able to forget as a member of society.  I learned about pains in the World... ya ya ya we all know there are starving children and terrible wars and hurt and death.  We are, in some way, aware of the World's problems.  I think it's just really easy to forget them when we go home.

I listened to a woman speak in class a few weeks ago, Yewanda, she was beautiful and inspirational. 
(check out what she does)

As she spoke I convinced myself to give my entire next pay check to something that would help some cause.  Did I? Nope.

I live this life where I can hear sad news, read about devastation, even see poverty first hand yet when I go home I can forget what I heard. I can listen to women and men who feel as though they are treated unequally and not change my actions towards them because NOTHING REALLY affects me.

I am not starving, I am not cold and lonely, I am not mistreated, I don't live a life where I don't fit in... I don't really struggle.  Not like some... I am very very lucky.

I guess my point is... I don't want to forget.  I believe fully in the ripple affect.  I believe small numbers... 1 person can really make a difference.

If I go home and forget I can't make a difference.

This is my reminder to never forget. If we [ I ] keep walking [a] path[s] of forgetfulness...Nothing will really change.

Peace, Love, Joy, 


Wild Wild West Drive said...

Cord you are so right. It's so important yet difficult to be aware of much outside of the scope of our immediate lives. I think that if we try try to slow down it allows us space for gratitude and consciousness. This isn't an easy feat but a path I have a feeling is worth getting back on no matter how many times one might veer off.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you.

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my life: said...

1. I love your name. :)
2. I love this post. I have chosen to live my life this way as well.

nice to "meet" you