I guess there is only one way for me to explain growing up:

Do you remember the first time you had to step on those scary silver moving stairs at the mall with your mom? I do. I stood at the top of the escalator frozen with fear because I had never, in my life, done something like this. This was new ground for me to cover. I could clearly see that no one was dying and those sharp edges of the stairs that looked like teeth weren't sucking anyone up screaming. BUT, non-the-less, I was still tearful with the thought of doing this alone.

As an adult I look at escalators with a giggle at my little kid fear. Wow was there a lot more to be scared of when I got older like boys, jobs, school, moving, money, doctors...everything... these escalators were a piece of cake. As an adult I can see that those uncharted steps were easily conquered with the hand of my mom and, as an adult, when I come to those new uncharted areas of life I still look for a little push of confidence to jump start my new adventure.

I really haven't changed that much after all :)

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