Virtue #1

When I was just a wee little one my parents would take us to church on Sunday mornings.  I remember this little room with pastel colors all over the walls and candles lit, me and my closest friend just loved it.  There were papers for coloring and books for reading, for us, it was the perfect time to be together and play.  One time the teacher in the room started talking about these things called virtues.  I, of course, thought it was so annoying(when you are a pre-teen everything annoys you).  What the heck did beauty, goodness, truth, grace, discipline, sympathy and all these other weird words have anything to do with me?  My new series of writings will be focused on virtues and how to apply them into my life... Clearly after I got a little more mature I was able to appreciate those 'annoying' virtue words.

As I grow older I find myself rushing, running, sprinting through my life to get to the weekend or to get to the next "good day".  It reminds me of when you think you are starving so you inhale you food with out tasting it's goodness. I often times inhale my life with out enjoying it's rich, delicious flavor.

New life goal: I WILL NOT let myself rush through life with out enjoying it. (Especially this Fall)

Virtue #1::Gratitude-Being thankful.    

Small things I recently noticed that I feel grateful for...

  • Crescent moon low in the sky
  • Autumn smells swirling through my apartment
  • Blue skies with or with out clouds shaped like fluffy pillows
  • Crisp wind that cools you after sitting in the hot sun
  • Coffee, enough said.
  • Real butterflies (not pictures of them)
  • The simple minds of children
  • The way a stranger's smile makes you feel

How many times did you hear someone tell you "don't forget to stop and smell the roses!"
How many time have you forgotten to do that?  I know I forget about it all the time.
In order to find small things each day that I am grateful for I must be aware of my day. My hope for you and me is that we start being aware and having gratitude.  Our lives are beautiful!  Even when we have terrible days there should always be one beautiful thing we can find.  Those are the most important days to find something beautiful, to have gratitude.

So go out side, give the sky a hello and the ground a hug.  Be a person full of gratitude.

xo, cordelia

ps.  Please don't forget to tell the people you are grateful for 'thank you'.

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