Virtue #2

Have you noticed how life moves like waves and tides?  One day you are here rocking back and forth.  Another day you are far out at sea and raging with anger.  Life is a process and constant growth and reevaluating.  It is always changing and moving like a dance.

Dancing is not really my strength.  Lets be honest, I wish I was a dancer, gracefully moving around like feet are not an object to trip over and that's  before adding heals. oh man.  Dancers are so flexible, they stop almost instantly before slowly beginning to float again.  

Life, to me, feels like that kind of dance.  A waltz that changes to a rumba for a second before slipping into hip hop brake dance number.  I could never successfully do any of those let alone combine them (do dancers really do that? doubtful but I'm just saying...).  Back to life point I am trying to make. Life is easy before it gets difficult. Then it's slow before it gets fast.  It's ever changing like a dance or the waves.  You are here or there, happy or sad, up or down... (I am starting to sound like Dr. Seuss with these opposites!)  But really! Life is never the same for anyone.

That is where Virtue #2 comes in:  Flexibility- adaptable, able to change to suit circumstances.

We must be flexible in order to not drown in the waves or get trampled by our dance partners.  Life changes on the drop of a hat (or dime or pin or what ever else you are dropping) life is changing quickly.  Being able to adapt to it will help us stay afloat.

If something changes your plan for the day dodge the anger that tries to take over. You think I am kidding? Literally dodge it, like the Matrix.  It will make you laugh and laughter fixes anger.  The next step is to figure out what to do now.  What plan can you make?  How can you fill the gap in your day?  Can you rearrange your other plans? I am a firm believer that there are many answers to problems.  All you need to do is drop the pride that tells you that there is only one way and change your answer.

My goal for 2011 (OK, one of them) is to not let daily change make me feel angry.  For example when people cancel on me or let me down I usually feel hurt.  Also when someone asks me to add another thing to my day to help them I use to feel "stressed out" like it is absolutely impossible to complete anything more than my things.  If I am flexible I can do it.  Better yet I can do it in a non-bitter way.  Learning that kind of flexibility will make my days easier to find gratitude*    

My hope for you today is that you learn to enjoy and love your wavy life, embrace it like you do a beach vacation and find some flexibility while you're at it.

Good luck with your life dance!
Loves, Cordelia

*see virtue #1

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