Virtue #3

Sometimes I feel restless like a leaf and want to pick up and run to somewhere new.  I want to experience life by seeing, tasting, and smelling it.  I want to touch the corners of the Earth and see all that I can see.  It makes me feel useless just sitting here doing none of that.  I get itchy in my regular life and there is only one thing I can do to make it go away.  Find contentment.

Contentment is the quality of feeling satisfied with one's possessions, status or situation.

I don't think that being content means I am not open to be where I deserve to be but rather I am learning and taking from where I am so that when I get a chance to be somewhere new I am open and clear minded waiting for the new moment to grace me.  Once I am there I will be ready to receive the wonderful new things the future has for me.

I see it like this, I like to shop, I always want to buy new clothes but if I buy and buy and buy when will I have a chance to enjoy my new things? If I am constantly trading out new things for more new things because I am not content, then how will I be able to find that pair of jeans I love the most?

I think life is precious and worth basking in.  Where I struggle is when it feels a little stale and maybe could have a bit more glamour I still need to be content.  Where I am today might be right where I need to be in order to know how to conquer the future.

So, boring-old-stale-rainy-mondays that are packed full of homework, tiring school adventures, cars that need love, empty wallets, and burnt tongues: I raise my Pikes Place filled mug to you! I AM CONTENT! I am taking in today one sip at a time, learning each lesson you are teaching me so that I am prepared for tomorrow or maybe even next week, month or year.

My hope for you is that even when life was perfect and now feels subpar, or life was subpar and now feel perfect, soak it in.  Be content because the only other option is to complain and if we all sit around focused on the bad we will miss the tiny beautiful moments that are flying by.  

Don't give up, find your contentment!  I am sure you just left it right by the door as you were heading out this morning.

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