Another Day... Just Breathe...

Are you aware of those days, you know the ones where you might as well put your butt back in bed and start over?  Do those days set your mood meter to crabby or just down-right-mean?  Do you feel like at any moment you might chuck your cell phone and the next sweet stranger who speaks to you?  Well, I'm here to tell you that a healthy dose of peace is all you need to keep from blowing up at the next car horn. 

How does one find peace, you ask? Well look at that picture, you know, the one up there(okay maybe there is another way).  

Peace is in you, even if you don't believe me I know it's there.  It just takes a matter of mind over emotion.  In fact, it is extremely easy to obtain if you set that mind to it.  

Recipe for Peace (you can do this anywhere at anytime)

Step one: Breathe (there you go, inhale and exhale)

Step two: Shake a little and breathe again  

Step three: If you aren't in a public place do a backbend, or toe touch or lay flat on you back and close your eyes. Repeat step one and two if you have time. 

Step four: Turn on a little tune that you can clear your mind too (like the one below)

Step five:(this is the mind part) Tell yourself: "self, come on, is this tiny thing worth spending your life in jail? Do you really want to clean up the coffee you are about to throw at your computer? Really self, is this something that is even going to matter in 10 minutes? Okay, how about an hour, or week? Doubt it.  You don't need to waste the precious time you have being mad, it really won't help you be more efficient anyway.  You should think of how you really want to feel, like you are tough and can get through anything. I know you and that means I know that you can get through this day."(Caution: you might not want to start talking out loud in front of others, that might be a little weird...)

Step six: Move on with your day and repeat this as many times as needed. It can't hurt to continually tell yourself that you have better things to do besides be mad that your pencil keeps breaking. It's breathe, it's another day...

p.s. you can always switch up the dialog, just remember what is really important to you and how you really want to feel. If you want to feel peaceful tell yourself to man/woman up and feel peaceful.  If joy is what you have in mind they by all mean kick yourself into a joyful place.  Your mind is a bit stronger than your emotions and in situations like this (terrible, no good, very bad, days) your emotions need to spend a little more time on the back burner. 

Good Luck!

Breathe by Telepop Musik on Grooveshark


Anonymous said...

You have figured it out. Lovely picture...it works for me

Anonymous said...

Nice...Love the picture...good advice...remembering how we want to be and chosing to feel how we want to be.