Be Organized.

Dear Reader

I am an organizational freak! 

When I was 8 I would dump my already organized beads onto my hardwood bedroom floor and proceed to re-organize them.  I never really made that many necklaces or bracelets, I just organized the tiny beads. 

As an adult I do the same thing, you should see the drink closet at my work, everything has a place and a plan and when people get in the way of the neatness, evil comes out of my mouth. 

It turns out I am not only like that about drinks... I am like that about my life. I always freak out when whirlwind weeks happen. I have difficulty seeing how I am going to make it to the end of the tornado placed in my path, crushing all my organized plans. 

At least that's what I say but in reality I know how to handle each problem placed in front of me.  I just have to let go of the pride that prevents me from seeing it clearly. 

Cordelia's tip to being organized:

  • Don't look at the whole mess, look at the tiny parts of the mess.  
  • If you have projects and papers and assignments due, do them one at a time.  
  • If you have clothes all over your room but not order to them start with the hanging items and move to the folded items. 
  • Each big problem has tiny little ones intertwined with it and if you can see that you can be organized!
Take it one thing at a time and remember to do what is most important first. 

Good luck,  

The sometimes-unorganized-organizational-freak

p.s. never forget to relax.  

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