Rainy Day Tales from Scotland

when i was in...middle school? there was a show on mtv called "as told by ginger".  considering i did not have mtv i never really watched the show, i just knew the song.  there was one line that said "the grass is always greener on the other side"  i find myself thinking about that statement every time i compare my life to others, which is shamefully more often than i would like to admit. 

my recent travels through scotland showed me that in fact the grass IS greener on the other side! but that doesn't mean that greener is any better or worse than the more dull shade of my usual grass. 

confused? well basically no matter where i go people are generally just people.  i think location has a certain impact on my view of the grass but i also think that my attitude plays a huge roll in how green my grass looks. life does not automatically improve when you get to the other side. the improvement has to come from our thoughts, changing how we view the sides rather than just changing the sides hoping for a better view.

a view that is full of green grass is a view that requires tons of mind and thought discipline.  my goal is to start noticing that i have the power in my thoughts to make my side of the world greener. i have been noticing that most people experience the same sadness, hurt, fear, worry, happiness, joy, excitement and contentment all over.  it has just become a quick assumption that others experience all emotions better than we do because they are on the greener side of life.

if you want your grass to be greener learn to smile at your worries and fears then smile even bigger at your excitement and joy. comparing yourself to others could kill your grass all together, and no one wants to look at dead grass.  find gratitude for you successes and joy for your failures.  you are the only fertilizer that can make your grass greener, so you better get to work!     


ps. i do want to say that i do think some have more serious struggles than others.  no two people experience the exact same experiences, this is a generalization of emotions but also a truth in the power of thought.     

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