there is a chill in the air tonight, something i missed this summer.  the sky has a greyish-pinkish tint and from where i am sitting i can hear the fast paced movement of traffic.  fall is here.  the trees can feel it and are preparing to stun the town with their beautiful leaves.  the ground is preparing to frost over and the flowers know it's time to rest.  winter is coming, life is slowing down.  

for me, fall is a time to slow my fast moving body and spend some time locked down in my own world.  i like the thought of that because as i get older i realize that while being surrounded by people is wonderful there is something completely and equally as wonderful about being alone.  alone time gives your mind time to breathe and your body time to relax.  this is not a strength of mine.  i am good at being alone, i am not good at making time to be alone.  

i recently taught myself a new trick, waking up very early. it is quiet in the morning.  the sun is still sleeping and the people are too.  early means time in quiet, time doing what i love, alone. starting my days alone has given me time to think about the person i want to become and the things i am dreaming of. when i am dreaming, i am being me.

i hope that this week you can find 20 minutes of quiet, alone time.  use it wisely, it's hard to come by. 


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