someone put bourbon in the pie

each year, me and a few special people head to Chicago to go to the Renegade Craft Fair. our time there is the welcoming of fall we all crave.  needless to say, each year i become inspired by all of the inventive people in the world. this naturally results in me buying many thing i clearly need. this year i found something that inspired more than a crafty outlook for fall, it inspired the baker i know i secretly am. Chicago's very own slice of brilliance, PIEBOX.

i mean how was a girl supposed to resist the wonderful image a piebox brings to the world!? and because i bought a box for it, and i hate to do things half heartedly, i made a pie. 

...and what does one do with a freshly baked pie and the most perfect home for it... take pictures you say? why of course! 

oh yes. the pie tasted delicious, thanks to this recipe from A Beautiful Mess Blog



Anonymous said...

it was delicious!!!!! lovely words, awesome pictures.

Carlos Pullinger said...

Now you can make a pie and send it to me in one of those boxes!!