i am in no way embarrassed to admit that a good cup of coffee makes me think soo much better than it should. you might call it addiction but i just think it's a part of every day life.  after clearing away the clouds in my mind i sometimes come to a new understand of who i am. weird but true, coffee carries magical powers, who knew?

today's cup suggested to me that maybe i am not bound by one type of category. when we meet new people we try and figure out how to explain ourselves through small titles. we want to categorize our personality so others understand just who we are, but my coffee thoughts say it's impossible to sum up people with titles. 

i simply don't fit in just one category because the categories that i want to claim contradict one another. (that might just be the only easy going thing about me.) so you want to talk about organic healthy living? you got it! want to watch football and drink a beer? you got it! Want to shop high end fashion and be a hipster? okay that's easy! i can't tell you that it's entirely normal to be that indecisive about what you like but just look at my closet and you will understand that i just like too many things to claim one type! i want to be a hippie and a casual prep? is that even possible? i guess what i am getting at is that maybe it's okay that we hate the idea of hot dogs but love Coney Island. do things like that have to be the only way we define ourselves? life is about balance and dabbling a small amount in everything helps you do that. it also keeps people guessing. 

life isn't about what we do but who we are and defining who we are is up to us. i am me...that's all.  

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Anonymous said...

Coffee, the exlixer of life...rock on you human being