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its no secret to the people around me, i am a serious lover of yoga! there are moments in practice when i feel like i can no longer stand but there is nothing more rewarding for me than being able to push myself through the shakes and find strength.  i have been thinking a lot lately about being in warrior pose.  for those who don't know what warrior pose looks like, you must google it if you plan on understanding any of what i am about to say :)  yogis say that when you are in warrior it is important to have your arm balanced in the middle. if you reach forward you are reaching into the future, if you reach backwards you are reaching into the past. when you find balance in the middle you are living in the present. 

I found a quote...

i really liked this, because it helps me remember that living in the present is the only way i can remain balanced.  i don't find myself dwelling in the past but more fully focused on the future.  i always want to solve problems before they even happen.  like in warrior pose, a strong warrior waits in the present and is prepared for what ever is to come.  it is important to face the future but to do so with strength.  when i reach too far forward it doesn't take much to knock me out of balance. i want to be a strong warrior who looks to the future with strength and bravery. 

as spring blossoms don't forget to live in the present and find joy in the little things.


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