Q U O T E #5

in the face of change what mask do you where? the really tough one Bane from Batman wears? the sleek black and white one from Black Swan? a clown nose with a huge panted smile? i have no idea what face to put on, if i should laugh or cry, jump for joy or snuggle up and wait until the change is passed. 

living in a comfortable place where things rarely change i have grown to assume i am always accepting of change. but i am finding that dropping what i know and being open to whatever happens is much more than just words. change is beautiful, it allows you more room to grow. it gives you new experiences to learn from and teaches you difficult lessons along the way. these are things i know, things that i say all the time. now i am realizing that i also have to tell myself i can not control the future, i don't have the time traveling mask. all i have is my regular old face, a little make up but no mask.

so in the face of change i choose to say hello, welcome to my very simply life. i am ready for a new adventure, i know that what you have in store for me is what is meant to be!


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