s n a p s h o t s

i haven't had words lately. mostly because i haven't been inspired, but tonight, i felt inspired. laying there, with my eyes closed, watching pictures float around in my mind. snapshots of my life. little tiny moments in the past where i was just sitting and soaking in time. 

there is one laying on the beach in St Thomas, alone, watching these amazing clouds roll in from the horizon. 

there is one driving through the hills in a open top jeep, splashes of sunshine hitting my skin and glimpses of the caribbean popping through the trees. 

there is one sitting on the side of the road in chicago, watching people walk by. everyone having conversations about their day or opinions or families or dramas or dinner plans.

there is one sitting in a pile of slate, over looking a sail boat on the water, in scotland. 

there is one standing alone in a huge crowd of people, who were rushing all around me. 

there is one laying on by grandpa's bed, holding his hand, watching animal planet. 

there is one standing on a cliff in el salvador, watching birds glide through the blue sky. 

there is one laying in bed, listening to coldplay perform a live concert on iTunes. (i know, silly) 

there are walks, road trips, fights, moments of awe, moments of tears, big and tiny moments. all of which i only remember because in them i forced myself to stop thinking about what ever shit was going on, to just remember where i was and what i was doing. no cameras. (although sometimes there were.) no other people knowing that this moment was going to stay with me forever. there are memories and there are snapshots. snapshots are frozen moments in my memory. moments where i remember the feeling of the sun, the feeling of the tears, the feeling of the laughter, the physical touch of a hand and the warmth in my heart.

if in the end all we have is in our minds, i'm not going to forget to pause in moments and take a snapshot. gratitude is what makes us happy. i am overwhelmed with gratitude for those snapshots that make up my life. 

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