a whirlpool of thoughts... feelings... happenings

i have this little cloud, a feeling of insignificance. a feeling that someday i'll be replaced. someday everything will fade and what was, is no longer. i fight these feelings with a single thought. insignificance is a made up. a false perception of what is true. it is also a selfish way of thinking. none-the-less every once in a while the cloud appears over my head. 

being important isn't necessary. 

it doesn't aid in our happiness. it may seem to but when it fades happiness follows it. feeling important only seems necessary because i put so much significance on what others think and say about me. when in fact, it doesn't matter. what matters is if i am living my life according to principles of love, grace, joy, and integrity. that is what really brings me happiness. everything else? don't need it. praise feels good, being wanted feels good, being missed feels good but when it's gone? an empty hole, a sadness. when i remove the significance of being praised, wanted and missed i am left with me and my principles. 

so on i float, putting significance on principles not on feelings. forever being the warrior against the thoughts in my head. forever being a leader for love. because when everything is said and done, love is all that is left.

Photo by my sweet friend Ruth

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