When it rains....

....it pours.

Everyone goes through times when nothing seems to be going right, or at least the bad things that happen stick out more than the good. During those times how do we manage to keep our heads above the waves?

God gives us hard times to help us grow.
What doesn't kills us makes us stronger.

If we surround ourselves with positive, happy people we will be able to be stronger when the lightning strikes.

I have no idea what I am saying here. When bad things happen all I want to do is talk about the bad things and mope in my rainy cloud. So, now I have 2 thoughts. 1. Why is rain associated with bad, sad, negative? 2. Almost all people can be related to a character from Winnie-the-Pooh.

I am going to start with 2.
Eeyore is: (i had no idea how to spell that) Intelligent and quiet. Keeps to himself. Always depressed.
Eeyore walks around with a cloud of rain above his head. He feels like he isn't noticed, and always says "Oh Well".

When we are upset and sad we become Eeyore. We walk around acting like nothing is going to get better. When we walk around with a negative mood we draw negative moods, people, and things to us. NOT a good way to solve a problem

1. (and yes i realize this numerical thing is off) Rain is associated with negative things because... well I don't know. But here is what I am thinking. If rain is associated with negative this could be why....

God gave us rain because the plants need rain to grow. Water is part of their food source. Just like God gave us sunshine to nourish us and our plants. The plants use the rain for getting bigger and stronger. JUST like people use bad to make us stronger. The sun makes the plants stretch and breathe and relax. JUST like the good times makes us relax and become happy. So rain isn't bad...its actually good... and Bad times aren't bad... they are good. They make room for us to grow so that more good can come in.

When "bad" things happen to you remember: this is only a tiny milla-second of what the eternity is.

In the book "Crazy Love" there is a part where the author Francis Chan says something like Imagine if you were a background character in a big time movie. To you that part is a big deal. You rent out the theater for your family and friends to go and see you standing in the corner of a room behind the main character. When the part comes you point it out and say "look there I am" your friends and family pay no attention because your part is so little. THAT is God and us. We are a tiny background person in the movie of God.

When I read this I though.. woah... that is true. So every little thing that is bad, like being made fun of, like spilling coffee on your new white pants, like losing a job, like losing a loved one, like a broken down car, like a broken heart.... those are just tiny parts of our tiny life and if we waste our tiny life on those tiny things we lose out of the time we could be laughing, loving, and encouraging others.

As hard as it is: dont dwell on the negative. Try and always smile, try and move foward. We can help each other. Bad things will pass. They will also come back, but if we aren't careful we will end up like Eeyore: walking around with a rain cloud above our head and always losing our tail.

NOW I just have to figure out how to follow my advice :)

Peace and Love to all


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