Highlights of 2009

Here are some memories from the year 2009! Starting on the first day of 2009 going to Christmas 09. Enjoy!

Spending my first month home with lovely friends (oh so tan)
Funny but this is the first time I really hung out with Cale (he took the picture)
Our first picture together :)
The first time he came to my house we made these beautiful guys :)
The night I tried to convince myself NOT to like Cale
A show at a coffee house :) Right before Valentines day
Spending time with the people i like

Pacers Game
Easter with Cale
Happy 23rd Bday! (to cale)
All dressed up

Tin Caps game with high school friends :)
My lover Brittney came to see me!

Cedar Point with Cale

And his sister and brother in law
Lake day with the girlss

Ah summer!
Falling in Love

Anna and me becoming close :)
Seeing my big sister ;)
Taking pictures with my new camera!

Getting my nose pierced FINALLY

turning 21!!

Spending my bday with him

Johnny Appleseed festival

Being Flash! Halloween

Chicago with Cale

Making Friends

Thanksgiving with Cale's family
Beautiful House!
Loving the world, my life, and the One who made this possible

While I think memories/pictures are wonderful because they allow us to remember where we once stood I also think it's important to only live in the present and plan for the future. You can do nothing for your past but remember it. Don't dwell in the past, live for the future! Bring it on 2010!

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